Rider doing 'tricks' mid-road??

Was it my exhaustion fueled imagination or did I see a rider doing tricks - wheelies, spinning around all over the road on the back wheel - last night?

No…I saw him too…I thought it was pretty funny…probably a developer messing around :slight_smile:

Actually it’s a bug. Next time you see it if you can grab the users name and even a screenshot (F10 key) of the “tricks” that’d be pretty helpful. Just open a support ticket with the info attached.

@Jon I may have video captures of trick riders. I also have a few of superhuman e-doped-up zpower riders.

let me know if you want to see any of it. I tend to delete these things after a few days

I saw these three times on my 40 miler on Saturday. I thought it was just part of the entertainment. It made me laugh.

I had one tonight who was zigzagging all over the place. Perhaps he filled his bottles up with something a little stronger!!

I found that zig-zagging happening to myself in this one fast downhill turn after the very top, mostly only happening if I was just there passing other riders – looks like my navigation got in stable with the additional course deviation.

However, since the last update end January I found a major improvement regarding this issue, happened much more often previously. And yes, mostly when passing riders! Also my rider not recovers from wobbling much faster when it happens.

Possibly related to my little border line slow computer. But can not tell, as my only faster machine is OXS and not yet supported.

Else I also saw riders ventured far off road in bushes, not sure how or when that happens, did not happened to me recently.

Not seen tricks like “wheelies” – that’s be a cool hot-key function :slight_smile:

Saw that tonight on my ride. Guy in front spinning round on his rear wheel like a madman. Sorry didn’t get username