Who's the little guy going in circles?

(John Hepburn) #1

Saw another rider tonight just in front of me going around and around. On the road / grass / behind me / in front again.


What’s that all about… ? Obviously we can’t steer… 

(Erik Nekkers [Team X]) #2

Could be me, I went straight through a building tonite and yesterday straight through a fire hydrant and the green sprint banner, it is pretty scary :wink:

(Jesper Veis (DBR)) #3

maybe he was making Uturns :slight_smile: you know you can go the ohter way round the track

(Erik Nekkers [Team X]) #4

Not in Richmond

(Jesper Veis (DBR)) #5

are you sure?

(Erik Nekkers [Team X]) #6

I’m sure. Richmond is one way, no u-turn allowed. Way too dangerous :wink:

(Jesper Veis (DBR)) #7

Hehe True

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #8

I had the same issue with a low powered video card. A new, more powerful GPU fixed the issue except at 10 minutes into my FTP test I turned off the course through a building and was asked if I felt strong enough to add a few more watts