"Ride With" option no longer available?

Not sure why some threads get automatically locked when they’re not resolved. Is there any update on progress of this feature being reinstated @Alex_Zwift?


Coming Zoon and Zwiftly. Add 2-3 years onto any common community requests that we might have.

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Mods abusing power when zwift gets cast in a negative light.

Nah that was in reference to the recent policy of only having threads open for a certain fixed period of time, apparently to keep the discussion current/relevant. Fine in principle, but when nothing’s changed I don’t see why they should be closed.


Sounds like it need a selective application instead of a blanket application then. Unresolved issues absolutely shouldn’t get the completed stamp after “30” days, especially when nothing has been released to the community to correct the grievances.

what’s the status of this? It’s extremely non convivial to create meetups when you just want to rejoin a friend and ride. Please, add this feature back.

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Okay, done.


Please join us on the thread for the latest update.

u rock. Thanks the Zwift team!

Well done!

Thanks for reinstalling this great feature!

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