[RFE] Create RSS feed for Zwift Events from main website

The new Zwift-supported Events module and schedule is great, but what is lacking, is a way to integrate these into other systems.

If the zwift.com/events page had an RSS feed of those events, we could then pull those into other tools, calendaring systems and incorporate them in real time to broaden the support of the platform.

Please consider creating a means to syndicate those events from the main zwift.com/events page into other tools.


There is this - http://zwiftcalendar.com/

The Zwift Calendar is what we had prior to the “official” Zwift Events module, but has been largely deprecated, and the events no longer correlate with the ones registered with the Zwift system.

They do not sync bi-directionally, and without an export or syndicated feed of some sort, that won’t be possible.

If the feed from the “official” system existed, they could sync and keep events together, grouped and managed, but alas, they do not.

(Charlie Issendorf, this may be one for you to file in JIRA) :slight_smile:

Hey David - it’s on the roadmap :slight_smile:

Add my +1 for this request, please!

I’ve created an unofficial Zwift RSS events feed here.

Adding to my previous request: It would be nice if we could also get this in iCal format, so we can subscribe to it with our standard calendaring app of choice.

Previously (before zwift.com/events went live) I used ZwiftCalendar + Alexa to tell me when ride and race events were. That’s something I’d like to get working again with the current events module.


Here’s a preview of what I have currently working. I’ll be cleaning it up to make it more useful to the broader community soon. Stay tuned, fun things are happening!