RFCOMM Error with Apple MAcbook

In the past couple of month I have started to get an RFCOMM Bluetooth error message pop up many times

I have other Bluetooth devices connected to Macbook with no errors

The popups do not stop the app from working or the ride going ahead but they cover the screen

I have two monitors so can move them out of the way but this is really annoying

Any updates or recommendations please

Are you using the Macbook’s native Bluetooth?

More details might be useful/helpful such as make/model, OS version?

Possible fixes:

  • remove the Bluetooth .plist file (/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Bluetooth.plist) and reboot.
  • factory reset connected devices (Shift-Option-Click on Bluetooth icon in tray: select “Factory reset all…”
  • reset the Bluetooth module (Shift-Option-Click on Bluetooth icon in tray: select “Reset the Bluetooth…”
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Lin_Alan. I will try the recommendations that you make here and add the details of the MacBook

I am using native Bluetooth

I use it for keyboard and mouse all day long with no issues.
Thanks for the response

I am on Macbook Pro 15 inch 2019
OS = Mojave 10.14.6