Dreaded Bluetooth Serial Link Error has returned

Just upgraded my Zwift setup to add a Tacx Vortex Smart trainer and using a MacBook Air with OS X Sierra installed. I am getting numerous bluetooth serial error messages popping up on both pairing and during my rides. This is similar to the issue posted here: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/205321876-Keep-on-getting-an-error-a-Bluetooth-serial-failure-has-occurred-

I am using the bluetooth connection on my MacBook Air for connecting my sensors and have turned off Bluetooth sensor connection in the mobile link app. I have restarted my Mac and Tacx trainer, reset the MacBook Air bluetooth module, but no change to the problem.  Any suggestions to try?

Hi Darren,

had the same issue. A work-around was to remove all Bluetooth pairings I had on my Mac. Surely, this cannot be the final solution, but it seems to do the trick!



The issue for me appeared to be caused by a cheap Bluetooth smart watch I was wearing while riding. When I removed it from range the error messages stopped. Not sure what was causing the exact problem but satisfied that I have a solution.