Recommended activity on "off days" of workout programs?

What is the recommended activity on “off days” of workout programs?

I’ve finished 4ᵗʰ day of week 3 of “10-12wk FTP Builder”: 10-12wk FTP Builder - Week 3

This week has only 4 training days. So for the remaining 3 days of this week should I rest? Or just do regular rides?

Thank you for your advice.

This might not be popular, but I would go with some kind of upper body resistance training. You don’t have to hulk out, but a few sets and reps with dumbbells to firm up Thunder and Lightning couldn’t hurt.

Im interested in what the designers thought too. Seems like a lot of rest days. Listen to your body I guess. Ride more if you want. Rest if you need to.

The intent is for the workouts to be completed over a seven day week and for non-workout days to be rest/recovery days. You can do any activity that doesn’t cause too much additional fatigue. You can go for an easy ride, do some other activity that isn’t too stressful, or take the day off.

If you find the overall training stress isn’t enough you can do additional work on workout days, just keep in mind the intent of the designer. If the workout has a stress score of 80 it’s supposed to be a hard day; if the stress score is 50 it’s designed as a more moderate day.

With that said Week 4 of the 10-12 Week FTP plan is designed as a recovery week so what you do for the remainder of Week 3 doesn’t matter so much.

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Thanks very much.