Recomended nvidia driver win10

which is the latest nvidia driver that works good with zwift ?
I’m using 457.63 game driver since i had issues upgrading in the spring 2021.
I use Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660Ti


Any of them, it makes no difference whatsoever*. I use 456.71, because 9 times out of 10 that’s what Windows Update provides automatically on a clean install and so you don’t have to do anything. It’s perfectly stable and has useful features like adaptive sync, frame rate cap and image sharpening, and doesn’t come with bloatware like GeForce Experience.

The only requirement to have anything newer is if the actual GPU isn’t supported, which doesn’t apply to you anyway.

*Sometimes a new driver helps, for some reason. I’ve never needed to do this. People therefore often associate upgrading the driver with solving their problems, but in opinion it’s more the reinstall rather than the version that had an impact.

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PS: if you don’t install GeForce Experience then you might run into the stutter/flickering problem. Workaround is here: New launcher (1.0.51) causing stutter on Windows systems - #49 by Dave_ZPCMR

ok, thanks! I keep my current driver then since it works and is stable.

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