I am new to all this and this may be a stupid question, can Zwift be used in conjunction with a footpod and a rebounder\mini trampoline? I have one of these and if it actually works would save me a fortune on buying a treadmill.


Is it a smart trampoline that can adjust the resistance between bounces?


lol yeah, very smart :yum:

I just want to know if Zwift will pick up the jogging\running motion on the mini trampoline from the footpod

That is if anyone has tried it, i may just buy a footpod and give it a go.

Hi, wondering did you try POD on trampoline and did it work? Thanks

Yes…I use my Apple Watch as speed and heart rate monitor both and it definitely moves the running avatar. I’m not sure about your particular equipment but it is possible with Apple Watch. It works beautifully. You don’t even need a rebounder; you can run in place.