Really Fun!

(Greg Borchert) #1

I had no problem at all loading or running Zwift, and really enjoyed my first ride. It worked better than expected. I did run into an unrelated problem mid-ride, as I received a business call I had to take, but I’ll look forward to going at it again after work hours. I’m recovering from a bad crash in late August where I broke my pelvis in three places and my left acetabular (hip socket). I’m healed and cleared to ride but don’t want to chance crashing again now that we have winter weather. Riding Zwift in my basement is a much safer alternative, and will get me ready for next season. I’m a believer!

(Jason K) #2

Ouch! That sounds like quite the crash. Glad to hear you’ve recovered and are enjoying Zwift so far.

Also, you’ve now gotten this song stuck in my head.