Random Idea: Fully Dynamic Courses/trails- first for running

Had a random thought today about random dynamic courses that could be used for running. If there could be pre-made sections of hills, corners and other sections of trails, maybe there could be dynamically created paths for running. Obviously an algorithm would need to be in place to keep things in line…I am not sure how frequently the trails would change or how they would be determined, but I was thinking it would be cool if you signed up for a running group event and the course was dynamically created at random before the event started. You are waiting in the starting area and see a map that will show your route, your hills etc. I know Zwift currently has random ride options for routes, but I am thinking on a smaller scale to make for a much more dynamic course layout. Just a random thought, curious to hear what others think about this.



I should also add that I am under the assumption that the treadmill will adjust incline and decline based on the hills using something like the Wahoo Fitness Gym Connect module.