Races based on number of riders, rather than set times

In a game like fortnite, the game starts when 100 people are ready to go.

Could zwift have a format like this, where people could sign on to a race grade and distance - with the race starting as soon as the numbers are filled?

I find myself jumping on the trainer and not having a race I’m interested in doing within even the hour…

D grade - 12km flat race - 20 riders

As soon as 20 riders sign up, the race begins!

I agree this will be a lot of fun. Zwift knows everyone’s FTP and wait and can group us on ability. Like fortnite’s new Match making.

It will be cool if you log in go to the race menu and pick what type of race you want with a few options like Flat ,hilly long and short.

Then you ride and warm-up until 20 people sigh up for the same thing and you get transported to the start pen.

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I guess Zwifters don’t have as much free time as gamers. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I know that I have set times that I am available to ride, and that I will have to find something to fit my schedule, make up my own ride, or do a workout. I think that sitting around until a specified number of people show up would be very frustrating.


I honestly think a 20 person race would get going much quicker than waiting for a scheduled race

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There should still be set events but this should be an additional feature. Lets say there are always two different types of races to choose from, on peak times Zwift will fill the race up to 100 riders but on slow times 10 will be good.

There should be a time limit like 10min, so you can continue with your workout.

also you wont be sitting and wait you will be riding in any world like we do now before a event start.

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I agree. I need to know when rides/races are. Cant think of anything worse than sitting around waiting.

You wouldn’t necessarily be sitting around.

Very much depends on how the system works, but I can imagine something like this:

  • I say I want to do a “matchmaker” race
  • the system asks me for my criteria
  • I say “at least 20 riders” and “prefer flat races”, “20-30km”
  • the matchmaker knows I’m a low cat B, averaging 3.2W/kg in my races. It looks at all the other people waiting for an ad hoc race. There aren’t 20 yet.
  • I see an overlay saying “Finding race… Average wait: 10 minutes”
  • I carry on free riding
  • in the background, the matchmaker keeps an eye on people looking for races
  • eventually there are 20 people
  • I get a popup telling me “Race found! Watopia Flat, 2 laps. Starts in 10 minutes” with a [Join Race] or [Cancel] button
  • I join the race and get transported to the starting pen
  • in the 10 minutes until race start, other people who want the same race criteria can still join the pen
  • I warm up, and we’re off!

If there are enough people looking for races it could work OK.

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Yes me to, especially for my “A” races. But some weeks there is just noting in my time Zone when I ride, then it will be nice to join one of these.

Or a bunch of friends log on the same time and battle it out.

Nah. I dont want to be free riding about waiting.

That said, as a complimentary/parallel system I can see it might fill a gap for some.

Yes - as above I can see that would work as an addition rather than substitute

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Definitely suggesting as an addition, not a replacement.

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Yes, fair enough Lachlan. And I should be more supportive of new ideas - too easy to simply carp from the sidelines…

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