Race start penalty

I would have started in last Wednesday PLCR race. I prepared and started everything (Zwift, Mobile linke), took small warm-up for 10mins and was ready to start. I didn’t manage to start teamSpeak (something with the password).

3 seconds before start… all riders disappeared. I started alone from the ramp. I thought that something is broken with my internet connection, but other riders were on the road. I noticed that my group is far in front of me (about 2-3 minutes). I tried to chase them, but they was too fast (2.5-3W in the group).

Some of other riders had same issue, I rode with 3 or 4 riders from the group (at 4-5W… so they couldn’t just drop)

Any clue?

In some very very rare cases, that could happens. Usually happens waiting for the race to start when most riders dissapear. Looks like a server/conection/sincronization/packet/latency issue.

Sorry if happens to you, but is a rare glitch. Most online games solve this latency issues with several servers all over the world. But i prefer habing only one, even if for Europeans like me, sometimes strange things happens.