Race Report Data not showing in Zwift Power

I am aware of previous old discussions on the race report data not showing for riders if want to check a riders metrics in a race.

I have this issue that I cannot check my own data as it will not load the relevant graphs. I thought this might be an issue with the consent to opt in to sharing data in ZP and Zwift GPS in Zwift account, but I am opted in.

Is there something I am missing in some setting somewhere or something broken? Tried all the clearing of cache and logging in/out etc and there maybe an answer somewhere in the threads but I cannot find it readily.

Are your activities set to public?

As far as i am aware yes as in my original post … in my Zwift profile connections i am opted in to data sharing for ZP and GPS

Your need to set your rides as public on Zwift it self if you want Zwiftpower to process your fit file and make it possible to see the report data

They are as per the photo i posted unless there is something else i am missing

Zwift Companion

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Yep that is set as per screenshot

See the part in this document that relates to changing privacy for a past activity. Check that for one of the rides that’s not showing up in ZP.


This is what your non followers see when we look at your ZC account:

Possibly it is due to you having selected the option to approve your followers. You might wish to take that off before doing your next ZwiftPower registering ride and see if that makes a change from green bolt to blue bolt.