Race ranking correction request ("¿Ratones O Leones?" ZESP Resistencia)

Hello I would like to make a request to correct my race ranking in yesterday’s race event ( “¿Ratones O Leones?” ZESP Resistencia, Sunday 16:45 JST, June 27th, 2021)

I finished first in category B in the race, but the ZwiftPower race result shows that the rider (Mr. Rich Moult) finished first and I was second in B.
Mr. Rich Moult finished the same race in category C and it seems he was automatically ranked up from C to B due to his excellent performance.
The problem is that the category C is 100km race while the category B is 125km. Mr. Rich Moult biked 100km while I biked 125km. B and C are totally different races.
Therefore please move Mr. Rich Moult from category B back to category C (he won the first place in category C). This would make me win the race in category B.

My name is Noheya MONIO. My ZWIFT number is 2447945.

Thank you in advance.
Noheya MONIO

Hey Noheya,

Your best bet will be to reach out to ZESP directly. They should have contact information on their series page, which you can find here: ZwiftPower - Login

As a rule, Zwift don’t overturn community results or make adjustments since ZwiftPower is first and foremost a tool for the community to enforce their own rules and regulations.

With luck, someone from ZESP will see this as well!

Fixed :slight_smile:


ZESP Admin.

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Thank you for quick fixing. Much appreciated!