Race Finish Replay?

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #1

Completed my first real race today.  What a blast…!  My heart nearly exploded but I suppose that’s par for the course.

At the end, six of us all crossed the finish line within 0.5 second of each other.  Ten of us within 1 second.

It would be great to be able to see a video replay of the last 20 seconds or so of the race to see how the finish developed!  Maybe a helicopter or drone overhead shot…?

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #2

I would also like my avatar to perform a Jessie Diggins like lunge/celebration whenever crossing the finish line.  :slight_smile:


(Stuart Middlecoate) #3

There are plenty of 3rd party bits of software to do this.

You can have it running ready in the background, then with a simple keystroke start recording.

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #4


As far as I know, video capture software will capture what’s on your monitor.  What would be interesting in a Finish Replay would be camera views other than the one I had on my screen at the finish.

(Steve Lovell RaceWBR) #5

I suggested Nvidia Ansel awhile ago. 

(Stuart Middlecoate) #6

Yes my solution will only record the view you have on screen, it would be nice to record it from different angles.