Qhubeka Virtual Everesting Challenge

InstaZwifters for Qhubeka – Group Virtual Everesting Challenge

The InstaZwifters, a group of rag tag Instagrammers with middle of the pack results and a penchant
for cake, are looking for volunteers!

They need 100 Zwift users to help them take over Zwift on the 18th December 2021 and ride for the
Qhubeka Charity with the aim of raising enough funds to buy 100 bikes, so that 100 people can ride
to a better future!

They are not that good a maths but after consulting their abacus that means 100 people need to
raise 200€ each, its still a lot of money but its pretty attainable. Easy-peasy, well that bit is. You see
the InstaZwifters also want you to ride up and down Alpe du Zwift 8.5 times, that’s right it’s a virtual
Everesting Challenge!!
You have probably heard about Everesting, you might even know someone who has done it! The
Hells 500, the creators and custodians of the concept, call it:


This isn’t true, the hardest climbing challenge in the world will be getting back upstairs when you
have finished, but that’s future you’s problem. But there is no denying it will be hard, it will be
difficult, but it will also be epic, fulfilling and it will change lives. Because every cent raised will go
towards helping people get to work, get to school, to deliver medicine, to set up business’, to reach
places they never thought they could.
You will have the easy part to play in this, you will just have to sit on your bike and pedal but know
that every pedal stroke will bring you closer to that hall of fame and to making a real difference.

You have probably heard of the World Tour Team Qhubeka Nexthash but do you know about the
Qhubeka Charity? Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”. Bicycles
help people move forward. Qhubeka is a global charity that moves people forward with bicycles in
Africa. People earn bicycles through their programmes, improving their access to schools, clinics and
jobs. A bicycle is a tool that helps people to travel faster and further, to generate income and to carry
more. In the face of extreme and persistent poverty, bicycles can change lives by helping to address
socioeconomic challenges at the most basic level – helping people to get where they need to go.

To ensure the money you raise goes to where it needs to go the InstaZwifters have joined up with GivenGain who will organise and distribute all the raised funds directly to
Qhubeka. As it is a global organisation it means you can raise money in your currency, so no need to
visit the Bureau de Change!

But you won’t be alone.
InstaZwifters is all about community and encouragement and supporting each other so that’s why
this will be a group event, you may be in your garden shed but this will be a global event with
participants from all over the world, all riding together. In the lead up to the main event the
InstaZwifters will be hosting weekly group meet ups where you can get together and train with other
participants on the mountain following a structured plan that slowly increases the distance each
week with the aim of bringing you to the start line in peak condition.

Training will start on Saturday 9th October at 07:00am Central European Time (CET) and be held
every Saturday running consecutively until 11 December.
Guest riders will be making an appearance at some of the sessions to offer advice and
encouragement so make sure you don’t miss training!

Each participant will be able to download the Road Book that offers hints and tips about not only the
physical challenge but also how to fundraise, as well as special offers for participants from their
During the lead up InstaZwifters will post regular updates, and tips for training and nutrition and
hydration on their Instagram accountplus
features and a Training VLOG.

One of their partners is Precision Hydration whose mission is to give
every athlete access to a personalized hydration strategy so that they have the best chance of
achieving their goals, will be supporting all participants with 15% off their first order and a free 20
minute one to one video consultation, along with a group webinar so that you can be ready to take
on the challenge!

InstaZwifters don’t just have your training covered, but they have also thought about your recovery!
That’s why they have joined up with Thrive Beer, the world’s 1st real sports recovery beer. A
refreshing, naturally brewed beer in which they left out the alcohol and added 10 grams of high-
quality protein for recovery after your ride. Developed by a Belgian cyclist and triathlete, in
collaboration with the University of Leuven. No more need to choose between that tasty beer you
crave after a ride and that recovery shake your body needs. Thrive are offering 15% off all
participants first orders so you can still enjoy that beer after training!

Once the training is done, and you have set up your pain cave for your epic adventure, got yourself
physically and mentally prepared it will be time to go! On the 18th December the InstaZwifters will roll
out at 5am (CET) as a group and take on the mythical mountain Alpe du Zwift together! The aim of
the day will be to keep the watts at the holly grail of 2.5 Watts per kilo, this is so you can finish the
challenge, it’s not a race, the ride leaders will stick to this pace and be there for you if needed. They
want everyone to get back down off the mountain :blush:
A few special guests will pop in from time to time to offer support and InstaZwifters HQ will live
stream their efforts from start to finish with live chat and guests and a few cake recipes for those
dark moments!

A disclaimer!
The aim of the challenge is to raise enough money to purchase 100 bikes (A bike plus accessories
costs 200€) to help 100 people. You can raise the money by riding your bike up and down Alpe du
Zwift until you have ridden the required 8848 climbing meters. This will unlock the Everesting badge
on Zwift, but if you want to get into the Hells 500 Hall of Fame, you will have to follow a few more
rules, one of which is setting your trainer to 100%. There are more rules so its worth while visiting Their website to get yourself acquainted! However, to take part in this challenge you do NOT
have to meet these requirements, you just need to show up and ride your bike, so that means you
can use a “Wheel On” trainer or a “Dumb” trainer, the important thing is the challenge and getting it
done, 10+ hours on the trainer is hard no matter what way you do it!

How to sign up:
The sign up is now open!
To sign up you need to create a fundraising page, this you can do on the main InstaZwifters
GivenGain page. Just click the blue start
fundraising button and off you go. You can also download a copy of the Road Book, and, if you want,
you can donate directly.

InstaZwifters started out as DIY smart trainer builders based out of Wyoming. However, after some
failed attempts using wooden rollers an incident with a bear and finding the commute to Wyoming a
bit far, they changed to an Instagram based Zwift support group. With regular features, news, events,
tips and interviews as well as a ZRL race team, it is fast becoming the number one spot for Instagram
using Zwifters! Find out more on Instagram, they
even have cake.

About the Author
James is the Commander in Chief of InstaZwifters. From deep inside the InstaZwifter Manor in Titans
Grove he plots their rise to middle of the pack race results and badgers better Zwifters for interviews
and advise. When not in his pain cave he lives a normal life with his kids and lovely wife somewhere
in North Germany.