Alpe Du Zwift - Everesting Attempt for charity

(Ed Hawkins) #1

First-time poster, so apologies if I’m asking something that has been posted before, but I’m looking to ‘do’ an event for charity that involves me Everest Alpe Du Zwift on a given date next Spring that coincides with a work charity date that is already set. How do I go about making sure that I can access the route for the event or if this is even possible?

Any advice would be appreciated before I announce to work colleagues and then look a half-wit.


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

Make sure you are level 12 or higher and if for some odd reason Watopia is not on the schedule that day you can use the World Tag hack:

(Ed Hawkins) #3

Brilliant I’ll take a look thanks