Put Watts Per Kilogram On The Dashboard + Large Status Bar

Please seriously consider adding watts per kilogram on both the Zwift mobile dashboard as well as the normal large status bar on the screen. With so much on Zwift based on watt per kilo, making it large would really help. It would also really help to add an option to have a 5 or 10 second power average.



But NOT in races Please. It will just make it easier for sandbaggers to sandbag.


What’s a Sandbagger?

All my favorite software have user-definable UIs: what is, or isn’t available to view, what size and location, etc.  Somewhat like how everyone sets up their bike computers, it would be nice if the Zwift UI was entirely up to the user (and included an option for the old gradient mini map???).  If this customization control was enabled, I don’t think it could be possible to complain about the UI, everyone would have the ability to display what they want to see, and how; as we all know, everyone sets up their bike computer displays differently, it should be the same for Zwift UI, right now it’s like an out of the box Garmin with stock display fields that can’t be changed.  I imagine there being a UI setup screen with drag-drop metric + location & scale, plus an available hotkey assigned to display or hide the UI, so the entire screen could be 100% covered with data and a hotkey could toggle that on/off to switch between graphics and UI… extrapolating from the OP, but it would solve the OP’s question and any other requests about UI that could arise.