Proposed course update timeline

Instead of staying coureses are comming how about realeasing a timeline. Or is it that you might be help acountable by your actions. Closing posts on constant requests for new courses is not the answer.

Hi Mark,

We realize people are always eager for more and more on Zwift, but the creation of more courses requires a lot more work than most people might realize. Zwift isn’t a giant corporation with tons of resources at its disposal (yet) and so all of our improvements, whether new courses, new features, old feature requests finally being worked on, and more, do take a bit of time to get right.

That being said, we do appreciate everyone’s patience! We’d rather it take a bit longer but release something *great* than be beholden to an artificial deadline and release something mediocre.


Anything to do with software development it’s hard to have a fixed timeline so I can understand Zwift not making public a course expansion timeline.

The next course expansion for Watopic needs to be epic and a lot better than the Volcano which in my opinion was very mediocre both visually and from an interesting ride point of view.

Re tons of resources. Didn’t Zwift get $25 million? No doubt the new staff are hard at work and getting up to speed so I guess the next 12 months should see a lot more development than the last 12 months.