Does anyone from the Zwift team actually reads trough the feedback and suggestions.. like for real?

It seems there are so few new features being launched. it is almost as if they stopped developing it.

Also new courses when?

Also you could extend a current ride by showing in game the development of new road sections. This will trigger people to come back as they will see that soon something new will open…


There is a new extension to the Watopia course (riding through a volcano) soon, maybe even this week. There will also be changes to the Workout portion of Zwift.

You can keep up on Zwift better on Facebook. 

Hi Jochum,

For a few weeks now, the Volcano has been growing (visually) off in the distance. In the past, we had road construction signs in different places. The hints are there =)

But as Paul mentioned, I suggest keeping up with Zwift through their social media channels and communities, as well.

I don’t use Facebook.  What other options are there?