Progress bug in Training Plan [March 2022] [v 1.23.0]

With the launch of game version 1.23.0, we have identified an issue affecting the progress of Zwifters enrolled in a shortened CYCLING training plan. These are training plans that were shortened from their original duration. (Ex: An 8-week fondo plan that was shortened into 7 weeks.)

We understand and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We’re taking these measures for those affected:

  • When game version 1.23.1 releases, your training plan workouts will become available in the on-demand folder. We’re targeting this for Tuesday, March 15 in the evening UTC time zone.
  • Additionally, we will be crediting you the training plan sock unlock. No need to write in to Support.
  • Moving forward - the ability to shorten plans will no longer be available.

Again, we apologize to those who are affected and hope you are able to continue your training plan workouts via the on-demand folder beginning Tuesday, March 15.


Not sure about “shortened” TP training plans disappearing but my full-length TP plan vanished from Zwift’s workouts tab after new version release. Hope this helps.

We’re aware of an issue where Training Peaks plans are not syncing. Please keep tabs of that on this thread

Game version 1.23.1 patches this bug. Please update Zwift at your earliest convenience