Progress bar for achievements

Please add progress bar for achievements.

There is already one, got to menu - Badges.


I mean for each badge that needs a progressive mission.
For example, I would like to know my progress on the unemployment badge .
Although Zwift has done a high progress I think that Zwift developers should try playing more successful games and learn from their user interface.

But there is very few badges that will benefit from a progress bar. I can only think of the Addicted, Unemployed and Alpe.

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Badges are a cool way of giving players achievable (yet somehow addictive) playing experience .
for first, there should be more of them .
lets take Fortnite for example- you have missions with progress bar for each mission, altough some of the missions are like the reaching 500watts achievments but still with progress bar.
I see lots of people asking about the unamployment badge and their progress so thats a nice solution.
This way Zwift will get much happier and more addicted players.

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