Problems with Companion app

I really need your help. I can’t fix it myself. Maybe someone here has a good idea or knows who I can contact for this? I use an Iphone 6s iOS 15.1 and an Ipad OS 15.1.
Problem: My companion app won’t start anymore for almost two weeks now. I’ve uninstalled and downloaded it several times with no succes. I only See a Blue screen with a white Z. I also turned the phone off and on again without success… my wifi is not the problem. On the Ipad I have the same problem. I keep putting the app on my phone to pick out a ride or training so that I can cycle… The app also does not transfer to the specified world during a training or group ride…
It’s only about the Companion app, Zwift does work (lucky me :innocent:)
I’m getting a little discouraged now….:disappointed:

There are a couple of threads on this. See Companion App blue screen [November 2021] and iOS Companion app 3.29.0 (1158) issues

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