Prize Events in Zwift bogus, scam, or just hard to find?

(Ray Mondo iQ2 (D)) #1

 Completed several events and attempting to locate winners lists is sometimes painful and sometimes have not found.  Could there not be a dedicated page for posting winners of prizes for events that Zwift hosts?  It’s fun to get involved in these competitions but also nice to see if anyone really won the prizes advertised.  Maybe I’m just not able to find these but if anyone knows could you post a link to the BikeRadar winners, or Sugoi Custom Apparel challenge, or any of the Garneau Sportive Series winners?  Thanks!!

(Claire Riley Cappo) #2

I have seen on the Zwift Facebook page a post showing winners of a zwift T-shirt for sending in photos of their setup but maybe that’s because the competition was set in FB.


(Stuart Bruce Wbr C) #3

I won a prize in 12 days of zwiftmas and the prize list was on the event page on this site and emailed to all the winners. 


(Paul Allen) #4

In case anyone else is interested:

(Ray Mondo iQ2 (D)) #5

Congrats Stuart on winning a prize!  That’s awesome.

Paul Allen, thank you once again for all the helpful links you provide.