Private / rogue routes

Our group is using Zwift in lieu of a regular 15 week outdoor training series in an area under COVID-19 lockdown. The training series is run yearly and has a regular cadence of distance vs climb, starting with 50-55mi / 2000-2200’ of climb (40’/mi) and culminating with ~100mi and around 6000’ of climb (60’/mi). It would be GREAT if Zwift had routes in the 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 mile range which ramped from 40-ish feet per mile to 60-ish feet per mile.

The feature request? Pick one:

  1. Official routes which supported these distance/range goals.
    Or the preferred option:
  2. Private routes where a ride leader could string together segments / turns to form their own route and the game “steered” the leader (and any meetup members) on this unofficial route. WAY cool feature!

Clearly this would require a route builder mechanism, route storage mechanism and then a playback mechanism in game. I’m sure the game has primary key identifiers on the in-game segments so I’m hoping this wouldn’t be TOO hard. The constructor would allow you to pick a start, then only offer legal segments from that start point …then segments from there…and from there, all the while summing up distance and climb to that point. Stretch goal - allow U turns :smile:

Hope this wouldn’t be too tough to build and I’d love to help beta test it!