Premium Membership

I would pay for a premium membership which gave me the feature to push a button on the mobile app (preferably a Z with a red X through it) that allowed made ZPower riders disappear from the course and leader boards. And I would be invisible to them. Let them beat up on each other with their 15 watts/kilo super powers.

delete “allowed” from the second line.

I agree this is needed feature, shouldn’t require a premium membership though.

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Agree with Anthony. No need something like this should be a premium feature imo.

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Less you forget… half of the problem with the equation isn’t the power… it’s the weight… which is entered on the honor system.  Figure out a way to legitimately validate rider weight and I think that would be the real solution to your problem.  I’ve watched/spectated riders and back calculated their entered weight from their displayed power and displayed W/kg… there are far too many people that I’ve seen close to and even under 100 lbm.  It’s not to say light weight riders don’t exist… far from it.  But the easiest way for me to cheat isn’t by disconnecting my power meter… it’s by falsifying my actual rider weight.  I would support some system of validating weight before I concerned myself with measured vs estimated power.

yep Mail NoSpam thinks its only the zpower guys who are dishonest.