Pregnant Mothers-to-be Group?

My partner is pregnant and is getting a bit down/frustrated about losing her social and sporting side. She was previously a high-level hockey player and did a lot of running during the summer but as the pregnancy progresses (and lockdown), both of those are out. She has a bike and we have a good turbo set up so I was wondering if anyone knows of any Zwift groups on social rides with other expectant mothers? I appreciate any other social ride would also be ok, provided the level was correct, but I thought the support of others going through the same limitation on ability/decline of “fitness” might be nice?

Think this was mentioned on the Zwift PowerUp podcast, called PowerUp for new Moms.

Hi, I am no longer pregnant (I have a 7 week old). When pregnant I was Zwifting on my own or in any of the group rides (not races)… I’m not sure there would be enough pregnant people to warrent it’s own group. There are women’s only rides. Getting the intesity of the ride right can be tricky…sometimes it’s hard not to get carried away!
Enjoy the ride!