Pre-program you own course

I dont always want to do the pre-made course in Zwift.  For example, I like to do a shorter version of mountain 8.  The problem is that I always to make the turns to modify the course.  It also does not compare my past ride times and so.

It would be fun to have a course editor where I would simply be given the choices of the turns and I would pre program them until I get a full loop.  Then the Zwift could recorde them as a course and compute my times so I could compare my times in the last 30 days.


To pre-select, I would select the first option (Hills or Ocean road) than base on that choice, the computer would create a second line with another option.  I I choose Ocean Road, I would then presented with 2 new options (Mountain or going straight) and so on.

Hi Alexandre, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I’ll add it on the request list and we’ll see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!


Wow I like that idea. For racing/organizing races and rides, that would be a super cool tool to have. Right now it is race at 178 heart rate, “try” to type to the group to “turn LEFT” or whatever. MAYBE with the group ride construction that is taking place a group could design the route, then the riders that are attached to that group ride would not have to worry about missing a turn. They would automatically be steered in the correct direction.

Another way to do it would be to have Zwift read a Strava segment as the route. The ride organizer would have to load the segment or segment URL to Zwift.

You got my vote!


I’d come to suggest something similar. My idea was to allow us to pre-programme a route through a simple text file (e.g. LLLRRR would take you up to the tower and back down to the start the same way). Getting a bit more advanced, with the other suggestion, multiple routes could be created and named, such that they appeared in the list of available options. Organisers of a group ride or race could then make their route available to download and ‘install’ (i.e. save in a ‘routes’ folder) prior to their event.

I don’t think this helps necessarily with comparing times in game (though Strava covers that if you make a segment), unless routes can somehow be tagged as ‘official’. Otherwise, we’d just get the ‘Strave syndrome’ of every rider and their dog creating their own.

I would REALLY like this as well as I use my desktop PC for Zwift and can’t reach my keyboard/mouse while riding. All it would entail is basically a map that ZwiftBlog already has, and just click the turn points - this would create a lot of customization and no need to click while riding!! For example I really like doing the Mountain 8 route by God I really want to not bother going up the radio tower sometimes…

That would be really helpfull. I want to do The Pretzel ride but it is too difficult to remember all 17 turns. It would be great for the turns to be automatically selected, when selecting the route at the begining, 


If you select The Pretzel route on Watopia Zwift will automatically make the needed turns for you.

Really? Thanks Paul. I should assume that this applies to every route I choose?


That is correct.