PR Access & Route Customizations

Hey Zwift! New to the game and loving all the hard work the dev team has put into this great resource… Kudos & Thanks!

There are 2 things that I would personally love to see. The first is simply to have easier access to my Personal Records from either the Zwift Companion or online… perhaps this is available but I couldn’t find it.

Secondly, I would really like to set up my own Route Start, Stop points with the ability to save them. Even if it was only in Watopia. Though I appreciate the workout features, I’d rather sculpt a more realistic route. I also like to create soundtracks that match my rides in the real world and this would also enable me to do the same thing inside Zwift… actually having matching Soundtracks in Zwift would be cool also! I’m a composer with a recording studio If your’e interested! :D.

Thanks again, love the community, love losing weight, can’t wait to get my Tron Bike!


Personal courses would be nice. I mainly ride the courses that have a timer on them, as it is useful to me.

Zwift shows the 30 day PR at this time. Shortly, (The boss says, “zoon” see definition below, lol) Zwift will show your All time personal record and your 365 day record as well. This will give the rider various options to attempt to match those times. For right now, Strava is the best options for recording lap/course times.

Definition ‘Zoon’: At some point in the near future. Near is defined as ‘not never’,also as ‘in the works’, or ‘within a year or two, from a year ago’. Or also see, ‘as soon as it is ready to release.’

Best guess would be maybe December/ early 2020. They won’t say how close they are, just that they have been working hard on this for over 6 months now.

PS How close are you to getting the Tron?

Thanks! Some good advice there. Strava has been where I’ve been using the most to monitor, but it seems overly complicated in Zwift to just quickly check all your stats… but I may just not know where to look. Strava doesn’t give me my Volcano KOM scores though for example.

As to the Tron, not close at all, lol! have 40% of the Alpes done, so several months to go would be my guess. But I unlocked Level 10, and the 160,000 Rider Point “Present” in today’s ride… good day! :).

One last item.
for Strava segments for Zwift courses, try searching the route along with “Zwift Insider”. there you will find a link to Strava segment/course.
when viewing the Strava page for volcano Climb
Strava Zwift Volcano KOM
Click on the star in upper left corner. It will turn orange. Starred segments will always appear on your rides that include that segment.

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Excellent! Thanks!