Power Zones / Workout - ERG Mode

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can anyone explain what zone(-color) is equal to what power zone or maybe heart rate zone? Base Endurance 1 /2 etc,


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My understanding is that it is power zones, if you go to the workout creator you will see it there.

Hi Gerrie,


ok power zones, but what zones? % of FTP? and what are the ranges?

In my Garmin I am able to configure all of this with from-to values, but what are the ranges in zwift when based on max.FTP? I have not found any description for this.




Hi Micha

Are you trying to create workouts as with your garmin?


Or do you just want more information on the current workouts? If you need more information on the current workouts take a look at this site. http://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/

Hey Gerrie,


while riding outside I use my garmin to stay in the chosen zones. I know powerbased training is not exactly the same like heart rate based training, but at the moment zwift offers no other way to create a workout.

So I want to use zwift to stay in basic base zone 1, to improve endurance and I need to know that power zone matches most for this.




I read somewhere that their power zones are based on Coggan power zones.  Search on that and you should find a chart that shows exactly the breakout by % of FTP.

Let me add…

Here is a link to a Coggan Power Zones chart.  It also shows equivalent HR % and Perceived effort,as well as good descriptions for what each zone should feel like.


If you go to create workout then you can drop a segment in the workout plan and change the power, as you change the power up or down it will change the color, that way you can see exactly what each zone is. You can also change the FTP % and see the change.