Power reading

I have Wahoo cadence and speed but not Power How can I get that? Using my own bike on a trainer that is not Smart. Also when I ride the video shows me going almost slow motion even when I am peddling fast. Thanks for your help

Hi @Chet_Kane, welcome to the forums. You will need a power meter or smart trainer to get the power reading.

Check this thread out for how ZPOWER works.

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As long as your “dumb” trainer is supported by Zwift, IE it is on the list of trainers that you can select, Zwift will use your wheel speed to calculate power. You don’t even need a cadence sensor.
This is called ZPower and as long as you are not racing it is perfectly adequate. Not the most accurate with regards to power but it works. Again, the key is that your trainer needs to be selected when you enter Zwift for Zwift to calculate power.

Thanks. What is IE?

IE comes from Latin and colloquially means “for example”.

Thanks. Usually see it in lower case.

When I ride my speed is in slow motion, is there a way where I can at least be moving almost as fast as other riders? Today I was pedaling and not moving at all.