Power graph tails off

Most times when I do one of the 24/7 group ride with a robot pacer, the subsequent summary continues for 30secs or more after I click END RIDE. So, for example, when I finished off a session today with 5 mins hard with Coco (hard for me) my on-screen average was 197W. But later when I looked at the Zwift Companion graph there was a tail of about 30secs (of about 100W or less) beyond the time when I clicked END RIDE. This had the effect of lowering my 5min ave to 187W. I hope the software can be fixed so that as soon as END RIDE is clicked, recording is stopped.

@Kevin_Morgan1 , Welcome to Zwift.
I have provided that feedback multiple times. I have been using Zwift since 2018. Zwift is more about on-boarding, increasing revenue and pandering than they are about dealing with issues that riders have with the software.
I thought I had their attention when I made this comment last year,
Ride timer and data acquisition should stop at the “END RIDE” or “OK” button clicks. When ending a ride the timer and data acquisition continue until the “SAVE” button is clicked. This means that, if you go through the process of selecting images to upload and change the ride name, the timer is running at zero power and this skews the average power numbers for rides. This makes it difficult to compare rides of approximate same duration. An attempt to do a 60 minute ride at a given power average can wind up with a 63 minute ride at a significantly lower average power making tracking and trending of rides laborious."
This, and many other issues will be ignored because they are still gaining ridership and it is much more profitable to pander than to repair.