Power Graph on Apple TV

For those of us who have the Zwift app on Apple TV, how do we display the moving power graph that displays our effort in colours (red, blue, green, gray) at the bottom of the main screen when we are riding? Second question, is it possible to adjust the power graph to see it better? On my Apple TV the power graph is cropped short and I only see the tips of the graph. Thank you so much.

Swipe up on the remote trackpad (or perhaps the up arrow on the newer remote) and you should get a list of icons across the bottom of the screen. Then scroll to the icon that looks like a graph and click it. (Do the same again to turn it off.)

I don’t understand your second question. What do you mean about seeing just the tips of the graph? I thought you couldn’t get the graph on the screen. And if you do have the graph, but are only seeing the top of it, it sounds like an issue with the display setup, not Zwift.

Can you post a photo?

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Search for overscan in the TV settings.

Just want to say, “thank you”. Your advice worked and I’ve shared it with my Zwift friends who’ve had the same issue.

Thank you, I’ve followed your advice and have found the solution.