Power drops to single digits at intersections/forks

ANybody have their power go from 4.2 w/kg to zero or single digits at the first intersection (left underwater/right climb) happened a couple times at the exact spot during a race, super frustrating.

Ant is brand new and very close to bike/trainer

Router is set to ch. 2

macbook air

wahoo kickr


the fluctuations in power with zwift + kickr are driving me insane…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

do you want to share a link to your strava workout/race? 


thanks for sharing. I can see the dropouts in your data. I looked at mine and dont see any dropouts. import your log file to https://zwiftalizer.com/ and see if there are any dropouts. 

Hi Brian,

I would try checking with some common interference issues listed here. If you’re still running into issues, send us a support ticket and we can troubleshoot from there.