Post-surgery recovery - any action required?


I am just starting a slow recovery from ankle surgery a few weeks back. Prior to the surgery I was a mid-B racer, riding WTRL weekly and logging regular miles on Zwift (7,948km in the past year, to be precise!).

With some crossed fingers and luck, I should be able to resume very, very, very easy (zero resistance) short sessions (as in, 5 minutes at first, then 10 minutes) on the turbo in a few weeks; nothing strenous and - in all likelihood - I’m looking at 6 - 12 weeks before I can turn the pedals with any real force, and up to 24 weeks before I’m anywhere near back to my previous fitness. I will be taking things easy and not rushing back.

So my question is: do I need to do anything, either on Zwift or WTRL, to reset my status in any way, or will Zwiftpower automatically take care of it?

I don’t expect to be doing any racing at all for at least 3 months: after that point, will my category reset to D?

Is there anything else I need to do? Fully expecting FTP, weight and everything to be quite seriously messed up!

Zwiftpower use your best 3 power numbers in the past 90 days so by the time you start racing it will probably be reset.

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What Gerrie said, plus you might also want to set your ftp on zwift itself if you do workouts as the power levels are based on this and I don’t think it adjusts automatically downwards. In your user settings, same place as weight and name etc…