Possible to use Raspberry Pi 4 with zwift?

Is it possible to build a gaming system that could run Zwift with this? 4gb version is only $55!

Your kidding right. It doesn’t even come close to having enough graphics power for Zwift. It can run Minecraft though, lol.


Now you know how little I know about computers. Haha.


Add the cost of whatever version of Windows is available for Pi to the $55.

What are the lowest resolution & display settings Zwift will run?

A cut-down verison of Windows designed for the Raspberry Pi and other similar low-cost single board computers called Windows 10 for IoT devices is actually free, but the CPU on these devices are so slow it takes longer than forever to boot into the full Windows 10. Pi 4 is faster so it probably takes slightly less time than forever. :crazy_face:

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While I agree with the other commentators that the Pi4 probably doesn’t have enough graphics power to run Zwift, I think this would be a great platform if the folks at Zwift HQ wanted to build a basic turnkey system (based on Linux or Freebsd) that could run Zwift as an appliance.

Maybe Raspberry Pi 5? :slight_smile:



I’m currently using a Pi3 B and SteamLink to stream zwift from my gaming computer to my little spare room gym. Some way down the line a Pi version of Zwift would be awesome.


if you’re looking for small and inexpensive, appletv is probably the better play:

we already know zwift works well there, and the 32gb version is $179.

even if the Pi could run it, it’s going to take some jerry-rigging without a supported version.


Hi here. Sorry to bring up an old post, I was just wondering if this setup works well with sensors - that is to say I have an ant+ USB adapter. Does steam link forward the dongle info from the RPI to your main machine?

I’m pretty sure that steam link is basically an advanced remote desktop tool - so it really doesn’t have to forward anything more than the graphics and sound of the app - so it should work. Have not tried it though.

If anyone’s still reading this, I’ve got things up and running between two windows machines, but had to use a separate program called virtual here for ant+ forwarding. It’s an ok program which requires occasional tinkering but works well most of the time and is free if you’re just using 1 device. There’s a Linux version too so should work fine on the RPI, that’s the next project.

In addition, the Zwift launcher doesn’t play nicely with steam, so I have to stream notepad, and then minimise it. Then I can just use it as remote desktop which works fine.

For what it’s worth, it is actually possible to get Zwift running on the RPi4. It’s been a bit of a faff and been waiting for one of the supporting Android builds to include ARM64 support, but got it working today.

I won’t lie, I’m overclocking it quite a bit (2GHz) and the UI is a bit sluggish (menu’s), although the actual in-game animation isn’t too bad.

It found and paired with all my sensors (KICKR + TICKR + Wahoo Cadence), and also connected to Companion App on my Tablet.

Definitely a big step up from using my phone (couldn’t cast due to broken WiFi, so small screen only).

I don’t know how repeatable it is (in terms of getting it setup), as I went through a bunch of combinations before actually getting it to work and I’ve not tried to replicate it from start to finish. But it’s definitely possible.

And anyone thinking the RPi had no chance on performance, was always way off :slight_smile: I honestly thought it would probably come up short (though not by too much, it’s a beefier setup than most people realise).


that is really cool! i thought the pi only supported an older version of open gl? maybe that is enough?

I believe the RPi 4 supports OpenGL ES 3.1, which is only just behind the curve (I think 3.2 is still latest).

I’ve got a workout planned this evening, so will put it through it’s paces properly.

I’m also going to order a cheap case with some active cooling (+heatsinks) as I imagine that with the overclocking it might start to get a touch toasty :slight_smile:

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I’ve used it a couple of times now and looking pretty good. I’ve actually put a short article together on how to go about the installation.

You can find the details here: https://medium.com/@aps_84021/running-zwift-on-an-rpi4-35f5cae1dad2


I used your info to duplicate and it works just fine. I only overclocked to 1.8 and no problems during 30 minutes of riding. Picked up everything on BT (Snap, cadence, oh-1). Graphics not quite smooth but not bad… Didn’t distract from the ride and I normally use aptv. Better than what I started with - a old hp laptop. Graphics about the same but it took forever to fire up windows then zwift so the Rpi4 is superior.

Must be something on your end, because when i did this i ran zwift in 4k over lan-cable to my raspberry pi and the only issue i had was that the steam-link app got updates often.
It allways started zwift no problem, even with zwift-scripts to make it remember my login details so i didn’t have to go back and forth.

You can run android on raspberry hence you should be able to run zwift, but there are better alternatives out there like some of these:

If you absolutely want to go the DIY route, wich i encourage you to do as i also like tinkering with these things.

I will actually tro this myself now, with the older rpi3b because that’s all i have that’s not doing anything.

Super cool Project @adam I will try that one