Does it or can it be made to run on Raspberry Pi

Apologies if this is a lame question… Zwift can run on an a smartphone so can it be made to run on a Raspberry Pi? 



Only if you could somehow make your Pi run iOS

Well, there is a PC and Mac version as well as IOS, so in theory yes. But let’s not forget that you need decent graphics capabilities, so that probably counts out the Raspberry PI.

Like said above in theory yes but I think you would need to upgrade the Memory/processor (I can’t remember what the Pi came with & of course you would have to upgrade the graphics card. Then you have the fun of coding. Could be a fun project if you have the time & patience.

Once Zwift runs on Android, one can load Google’s Android on a Raspberry PI.


That would depend on the specs of the Rasberry Pi and the minimum specs that Zwift will run on for Android.