Please remove limit on meetup creations (3/day)

Currently there’s a limit on creating more than 3 meetups within a 24-hour period (no matter what days the meetups themselves are on). i.e. you cannot create meetups for monday-friday inclusive (5 total) in one batch on a sunday/monday. You receive a message “Whoa, party animal! You’ve reached the daily limit of 3 Meetups. Create more tomorrow!

This is very frustrating since I would like to simply do my “admin” for the week ahead and create all my meetups. I’m not trying to create 3+ meetups all occuring on the same day, I’m simply trying to create one meetup/day, but to create the week’s meetups all at once for convenience.

Can this be changed please? It makes no sense. I suspect what you meant to do was to prevent users scheduling more than 3 meetups within a 24 hour period, but that’s not what you’ve done - you’ve stopped them creating more than 3 meetups (where the creation date is the same) regardless of when they’re scheduled for, which makes no sense whatsoever.