Please enable more UI control options

(Phil Ruokis (WSR)) #1

The additional UI that was added in the 6/24 update is nice, but it would be great if we had more options for the live leaderboard than “Auto” and “Always”. Those of us running Zwift on more modest setups might appreciate the ability to turn some of this stuff off - the ‘Auto’ setting seems too long in terms of time onscreen (13" MacBook Air here) and after about 20 minutes, I got tired of seeing it. Why add extra UI without a facility for disabling it if the user prefers?

(K.C. Race3R) #2

I also would love to see an all-time or 2015 best times leaderboard. 

(Scott Simmons) #3

It would be nice if the leaderboard would flip to your on PRs once you cross a sprint, KOM, finish banner, similar to how the old alert worked.  I just find that sometimes when I cross a banner, due to the scroll timing the leaderboard will still be displayed for several seconds before it flips to my PRs to see where my last effort ranked.