Pleasantly surprised with Zwift


Newbie here and this may be the wrong forum to post.

But for others that are on the fence and are recreational bikers like myself.

I am very pleasantly surprised.   It is much more fun.  I started the trial, completely free, and tried a ‘flat’ course.   It was a great experience.

My initial search was for more of a single player training software package because I’m not in the best of shape. 

Zwift is fun and very encouraging, even now I have  thoughts of working out more :slight_smile:

Just saying thanks to the Zwift team!

Much Regards


PS - an idea - track your weight loss in Zwift? not sure how to do it… but I want to loose 30#'s with Zwift’s help.


Dwight, thanks for the positive feedback.  We appreciate you taking the time to let us know you’re a fan!

Regarding weight loss, we’re starting to build in weight tracking and also plan to pull data from fitbit scales, as well as withings to help make every pound of weight loss count in Zwift automatically.  I too could stand to lose a few pounds and I think Zwift can be the perfect motivator for that with these features added.

Thanks again, and ride on!