Place in race not matching place in group on screen

I was just doing a group ride and the same thing happened again that happened the other day - I’m being reported as 1st to 5th out of the whole group BUT in the group image of riders, there are 50-60 in front of me
This means I really don’t know where I am, whether I’m drafting or at the front
This got worse in that I was getting warnings about ‘return to group’ when in the group picture I’m quite a way back but on the rankings I’m in the top few
This is making the group ride ‘experience’ very hard to understand.
On the one hand I ‘know’ I’m not near the front as I can see lots of riders on the screen in front of me and the names in the list that are in front and behind me are correct BUT it then says at the top 1st/200+
Surely this is a fundamental thing to get right?

hi this is sometimes caused by wifi lag rather than the game i get that all the time.

I don’t believe that is the case as my position on the screen stays away from the front

If it was lag then I would appear at the front at some point which I never do, I appear mid group in the main screen of riders