Pixelated text on screen

Hi. I am having a regular problem which is that all numbers and letters (dashboard, leaderboard, instructional text etc) is all pixelated and blocky. It is impossible to read. The rest of the game graphics work fine. I have the latest version of Zwift and my internet connection is fine. All sensors and trainer connect without problem. This has happened infrequently and randomly in the past but has now occurred for 3 workouts in a row. The Companion App works fine and that is how I am having to complete workouts as I cannot follow on screen instructions. I am using a laptop with Windows 10 64Bit.

Hi @Stephen_Eldridge2119

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I would suggest updating GPU drivers. You may need to uninstall them and download a fresh copy of the drivers.

Ia it anything like this? Gibberish / incomprehensible text - even worse after update

Yes, that’s it.

I seem to have solved this problem at least for now. I updated to latest version of Windows 10. Then I went to Settings and set the graphic for the Zwift App to High Performance. Hope that is a permanent fix and this may help others with the same problem.