PC Specs - Anyone using Sapphire Edge for Zwift

(Adrian Roebuck KISS(D)) #1

I’m looking to get a PC for running Zwift and the Sapphire Edge V58 looks a good/compact package.


I can’t find out if their specs are good enough against Zwift’s requirements. (The graphics card hierarchy is confusing to say the least!)  The Sapphire runs the following.  Is this good enough for a good experience with Zwift or is it too basic?


| CPU | AMD APU A8 1.6GHz Quad Core |
| Memory | 2 x 2GB DDR3 So-DIMM  |
| Storage | 500 GB SATA 2.5’’ Hard Drive |
| Graphics |

AMD RadeonTM HD7600G Graphics





(David Morris (nova.cc)) #2

Think it might struggle on the GPU side.  Its the GPU that makes all the difference with Zwift.  Get the best you can.




(Adrian Roebuck KISS(D)) #3

Thanks David

I’ll take another look at other specs from your links


thanks again

(Michael Henasey) #4

here’s a video that shows what a difference the GPU (video card) makes.