PC Spec any good?

(Tim Ellis) #1

I am looking to get a cheapish desktop PC rather than having to use my laptop etc. seen this spec for a reasonable price.

Core i5 V-PRO 3.2ghz 8gb Ram Radeon HD5450 GFX

Would this run it okay and get a decent refresh rate etc.?




(Stef Levolger) #2

The Radeon HD 5450 GPU is a 2009 entry level GPU. I’d consider it unlikely for it to have a decent experience with Zwift.

The CPU most likely won’t be an issue. Although “Core i5 V-PRO 3.2ghz” doesn’t indicate which generation i5 CPU it is. vPRO is part of all i5 CPU’s ranging from 2nd to 6th generation. Likely though, I’d guess it’s a second hand desktop with a Sandy Bridge i5, considering the mentioned GPU.