Good enough computer components?

Hello everyone,


I recently bought a Wahoo Kickr and now trying to get the hang of Zwift. At the moment I am unsing an old laptop with the low res profile.

Since I am buying a 40" FullHD TV later today, I want to update or rather set up a new computer. I chose the following components:


Intel Core i5 7500 3.4 GHZ

Nvidia Georce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

MSI B150 DDR4 mainboard


128 GB SSD


Is that enough for the high res profile? 


Plus, I have the possibility of getting an Intel Core i3 2350M 2.3 GHz for like half the price of the above mentioned i5. Could I just replace the i5 or would it harm the performance in high res much?


Thanks for reading and possibly helping me out! :slight_smile:



The graphics options of high and ultra should be available once you get the 1050ti.  The processor does not play a role in that - however an i3 will probably produce slightly lower framerates than an i5.   

My data shows an i3+1050ti runs about 55 frames per second, whereas the i5+1050ti will run 60 frames per second.  There are too many variables to say for sure how your setup will run, but the point is an i3 is probably ok if you have an nVidia card.   AMD cards tend to need more CPU to power them (in OpenGL, like Zwift uses).

Thanks for the quick answer, Jon. So the 55 frames per second won’t look too shabby on a 40" using FullHD then? 

Basically any i5 would produce higher framerates? So I could also get the following cpu.

Intel Core i5-3330S (4x 2.70GHz 65W)


Thanks again, now I kind of have an idea of what to look for. 

Look at this page it should give you all the information that you will need.

 Im running a Intel Core2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHz with  Nvidia GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2 @ 1440 Ultra and it is pretty cool.


Hey Gerrie,


thanks for the answer. Guess I will stick to an i5 cpu and a GTX 1050 Ti. And since I am no expert when it comes to computers. How much does the mainboard matter when it comes to using swift? Can I go budget or should I invest a little more? 

Motherboards are not that expensive, I would get something that I can upgrade if needed like adding a second GPU or more ram.

But it does not make a difference as long as all the other parts are compatible. So if you have to trim you budget i would do it on the MB. 



Well, I was thinking about spending about $80 for the mainboard. Hopefully I will get something decent for that. 

If you want to see the systems people have put together, check out Zwiftalizer Benchmarks.  Some of these overclocked monsters put out >160 frames per second in 4K! They don’t need central heat in the winter time, just fire up the computer.