PC Advice

(Paul Clark) #1

Having seen Zwift in HD at yesterdays London bike show I now want to upgrade my setup from a Dell laptop. I don’t want to spend too much money but do want to get as high detail and FPS as I can get without going too high. Has anyone picked up a decent spec PC with suitable graphics card for a good price recently to at least get 1080p HD output? I am looking around at different options but would really appreciate any tips. I don’t want to spend anymore than £400 - £500 really.

(Guillaume Dougados) #2

It’s a small budget but my graphic card is about 3 years old now, I paid about $150 for it then and I get HD so I’d think any $100 ish (60-65 pound) graphic card in today’s world should do as an add-on to a basic PC set up.

(Greg Woitzik) #3

I picked up an alienware x51 for $800 cdn a few months ago. It’s a gaming computer I only use for my cycling applications, it works fantastic when paired to my 40" tv!

(Paul Clark) #4

Thanks for the advice guys, seems like I may need a new TV as well as an upgraded PC.

(simon orange) #5

I’ve been using a dell laptop but like you I wanted the upgraded graphics … just ordered a 3xs nanu from scan.co.uk - with a 970 graphics card.

if you spec it carefully you can probably get this for around £600

will report back when it arrives

(Paul Clark) #6

I would be really interested to hear how you get on, please do report back as that is fairly reasonable for the price.

(Paul Clark) #7

I bit the bullet and ordered a Nanu Gamer too Simon!

(simon orange) #8


mine is due to arrive this morning but I don’t think I’m going to get chance to ride until saturday morning. Looking forward to some high res graphics

(Paul Clark) #9

Mine will likely not turn up till next week so still let me know how it goes. I still need to find a TV screen to do it justice tho!

(simon orange) #10

My new gtx970 working well. Graphics look much better than the i7 laptop I was using.

Plugged into a 60inch TV @ 1080p.

I’m also using a set of Bluetooth headphones for the immersive experience, looking forward to having in ride chat added

(Paul Clark) #11

60" TV? Nice! So you are pleased with the result from the new PC and it was worth the investment? My PC should turn up next week but I still need to get a new TV as I currently have an old TV in my turbo room.

(simon orange) #12

the graphics are much improved - and it was a ball ache setting up the laptop on the tv just for zwift. Now the PC is permanently plumbed in to the av system - probably a bit noisy for a HTPC but as it’s in a small, neat case it doesn’t look like an eyesore.

is it worth the money ? well, impossible to say :slight_smile:

(Paul Clark) #13

Good to hear, I’m really looking forward to mine coming to see the result. I also have to lug a laptop round at the moment which is a pain so something permanent setup in the turbo room will be good. I’m keeping an eye on hotdealsuk for a good priced TV.

(Paul Clark) #14

Simon my AXS Nanu arrived yesterday and after a very speedy Windows install to the SSD drive I loaded up Zwift and the graphics compared to my old dell laptop where amazingly detailed and smooth - although still only running at 1360 x 768 (same TV screen at its max res). Next steps for me are still investing in a new screen. Just need to decide if to get a 1080p or 4k screen. Thanks for your help.

(simon orange) #15

I don’t believe the graphics warrant an expensive tv - even in ultra mode they can’t be described as photo-real.

My feeling is, for zwift, bigger is better. You really don’t need accurate colour balance or high contrast ratios etc.

FWIW I noticed in a newspaper ad that asda had a 50" 1080p tv for less than £300

(Paul Clark) #16

Having looked at the config files it seems the Ultra profile is currently capped at 1080p anyway so it seems like you are correct. I will have a look around for a cheapish screen at that resolution. I don’t have 4k in the front room so putting it in my turbo room would have been a bit of a luxury!