Why am I paying 12.99 to race cheater on here just make everyone use ZP if this keep up am leaving zwift

Having an expectation that cheating will ever stop on Zwift or any other game is silly, humans cheat, it is in our nature… we will always find a way to get an unfair advantage… unfortunately…

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Might need to give more detail whilst venting your spleen.

Is it a one off?
Have you reported it?

the guys gets DQ after the race but still no fair to reck the race and 7.1w/kg for 20min


If you report the individual I’ll check it out.

ZP rider.
Literally every single race they’ve entered on ZwiftPower is a DQ due to being on ZP too.

What I’m more interested in is why, someone showing up with A+ on ZwiftPower was allowed to enter a B pen.
They have recent races; with literally a 7.1w/kg 20 minute effort within the past 90 days; and a count of 4 in the past 90 days with over 6w/kg 20 minute efforts (so it wasn’t a weird one-off)

How/Why was this person allowed to race in B?

I honestly can’t speculate on something I can’t see.

Was this the event? (See filtered results) All categories were visible and presumably same-time starts, so you’re going to see the As and they’re going to affect the lower category.

As @Paul_Southworth has suggested this rider was not racing in cat B he was racing in Cat A. However as there were no A Cat ZP registered racers finishing the race it may appear, at first glance, that his filtered result might have been from a B cat race.

Anyway you will probably be pleased to know that he was beaten in his race by an an aptly named racer, with no HR, called Kill ZPower.

Ah I did miss the all riders visible, good catch.

That’s kind of a weird thing for a crit event…

I’m wondering then if OP was confused; and saw this person at the top of the finish results screen, and hadn’t noticed they were not in Cat B.

(meanwhile I can’t even get the finish screen to even load half the page of results…)

Oh did see that thanks

The next British Cycling Crit City Series event is configured to see only riders in your category. It’s possible that one of them might have been misconfigured. I’m not sure what their intent was. Of course this is a separate issue from the massively inaccurate power of the rider you are talking about, who should not be allowed to race at all.

Yes it spoil the race when you have no change in doing 7.1wkg for 20mins

One thing you can do now is only enter races that require a power meter to enter the starting pen. This doesn’t completely prevent people with bad trainers from entering, but at least people like the guy you encountered can’t start the race. It is better. I still wish Zwift would do more to automatically eliminate riders with absurd power, and be more responsive to reported riders and give them a racing ban.

In the Companion app filters for events:

This is what the event should look like if it requires a power meter to enter:

they should be yes I do like paying ÂŁ12.99 to race people like him

Bullseye Mike

Less cheating is definitely possible. Eliminating speed sensors, spin bikes, absurd power levels beyond what pro cyclists can produce are all possible and would improve the race experience. That doesn’t mean no cheating, but it does mean a better overall race experience and better reputation for the company’s product. It also probably means offending some customers who are unaware of their unfair advantage. I think it’s worth doing more even if it doesn’t achieve perfection. A good place to start would be the race events organized by Zwift. The unlikeliness of this happening doesn’t mean it’s impossible - it’s a choice.

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Organisers can do this already.

We have chosen not to do so in our events to allow those who cannot afford smart trainers / power meters to still be able to enjoy a racing experience.

I understand the decision. For people with smart trainers / power meters to still be able to enjoy a a racing experience, maybe the focus could go on the outputs instead of the inputs. Let speed sensors in your races, but tune the feature that detects absurd power to be more responsive so that they don’t ruin it for everyone. Currently a rider can do super-human Watts for an entire race. I imagine it’s possible in many cases to set up a speed sensor in a way that doesn’t do that, so those are people who need to be directed to support.

… and your definition of absurd power is what? …for how long? I’ll lay a good bet that whatever values you pick, there’ll be some very unhappy genuine racers. Unless you pick values so high as to be pointless if someone really is cheating.

And FTP. Well there’s quite a few sub-50kg 14-year olds who have a FTP that again matches very serious genuine racers.