Pairing sensors in a busy gym environment

Gym has Stages bikes with power meter. Unfortunately there are a zillion other Bluetooth devices in the room advertising, so it takes forever to find the right sensor.

  1. why not prioritize in the list the sensors that are actually streaming some non-zero power? I can sit and spin while I try to pair and the sensor I’m using should pop up at the top of the list.
  2. Why not save some sensors as Favorites, so I can go back and try to connect to the same sensor on the same bike?

Spending up to 10 minutes in frustration trying to pair and start my goddamn workout is not a productive thing to do.!

You could try to pedal and see which one looks close to the watts that you believe you are putting out…

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Problem is Zwift shows me all the other bikes and threadmills that are doing nothing first. What I’m asking is that sensors which are reporting some non zero power should be listed at the top