Pairing garmin 920xt with elite surito

Hi I’m just setting up my new elite surito trainer with zwift and my garmin 920xt. The zwift was recording my speed accurately I think , but my garmin recorded an av speed of 89.4 can anyone tell me what I have missed ? Thanks

Your garmin and Zwift will not have the same speed. Zwift use the power value from the trainer to calculate your virtual speed.

Thank you for your reply , But I’m not sure I really understand that . I use my garmin to record all my training , having a speed of 89.4 kmph recorded will really mess my stats . Is there nothing I can do to change this do you know ?

Just like @Gerrie_Delport said, this speed and/or distance between Zwift and the 920xt will hardly ever match.

For virtual speed, Zwift uses your rear wheel speed, the known power curve of your trainer and converts that to estimated watts, with those watts, the weight you entered, the height you entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting, in-game wheel set used, and virtual elevation changes your in-game speed is determined. Your Garmin knows nothing of this.

I would just recommend linking Zwift to your Garmin Connect account and your data will be more or less accurate.

If you had a smart trainer and/or a power meter then thing would be different.

Ok thank you , I think I have been misled on the trainers capabilities. I will link zwift to my garmin account

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Hold on, is this the trainer you are referring to:

If that is the trainer it should connect to Zwift as a power source and as a controllable trainer.

Hi yes that is the trainer . I am wondering if my garmin vector power pedals On my bike are somehow interfering with the trainer power sensor ? And that is causing the garmin to be so crazy on my speed ?

There is no way for your Garmin to know hat speed are you doing. The pedals only send power and cadence, so the speed you see is most likely just the GPS jumping around, and since you are not moving the GPS can’t calculate accurate speed.

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Thanks , yes I think I have realised that how could it possibly pick up my speed without my speed garmin on my back wheel (which is no longer there ).
But zwift is downloading to my garmin connect I’m only missing HR ( not sure why it’s not picking up my monitor ) but I am loving the new turbo and zwift :wink:

What HR monitor do you use. Does it have ANT+ and Bluetooth. And does your pc have ant+ or Bluetooth

My assumption is you have a Garmin HR with ANT+ but connect all your other sensors to your Phone/ATV using Bluetooth